New Born Photography

Newborn Photography

We photograph newborns in our beautiful warm studio, using some of our many gorgeous props.
Technically (well, technically for photographers), a newborn is photographed between 5 and 10 days old. Actually, as long as you dont mind eyes open and legs and arms flying all over, a new born is up to about 10 weeks old. I have never turned a baby away, regardless of it age. It just means that the posing and end result is different, your baby will still be his/her scrumptious little self no matter how old.

What to Bring

Firstly, the most important is the baby (ha ha) and both mum and dad if possible and applicable, this means that those early very important first photographs and memories are captured whilst your new baby is at its smallest. We need the baby to be sleepy and 'milk' drunk, the shoot can take up to 3 hours (sometimes a little more) depending on how settled the baby is.

If breast feeding, it is best to eat mild food for a couple of days before, so baby doesn't get tummy ache, if bottle fed, bring a couple of bottles with you. Bring a couple of favourite outfits and a couple of favourite toys, though mostly we shoot with little clothing in/on gorgeous props.

Chill out and rest or use the WiFi whilst I (Sheila) take over and cuddle, I mean pose your baby (Its the way I get my baby 'fix' ha ha).

A mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3, I am very experienced with babies.
If there are siblings, pets, grandparents etc, they are best coming at the end of the shoot so as not to unsettle the baby or get bored with the proceedings.

This maybe the first time you have been to the studio, or you may have been for your baby bump (maternity) photos, whatever, you will be made welcome and comfy and enjoy the experience.

Princess Aliza Beau and Jasmine

Gorgeous Harley-Jay


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