Monday 3 February 2014

New Photography Studio in Bispham Blackpool

I am so excited, my new studio opens tomorrow 4th Feb 2014, well, I say it opens, I have the keys, and tomorrow, me, my friend and one of my sons will be moving my furniture in to create the Dove Photography Studio.
It wont take much as its lovely as it is, I just need a little bit of creativity, some backdrops, lights, my big red leather Chesterfield chair and... Voila...

It all started when I went for a crochet lesson. I called in at a lovely craft shop on Red Bank Road in Bispham Blackpool.
Like a lot of crafty women, I cannot walk past a wool shop without drooling (sad I know) over gorgeous colours and textures of new yarn. I wouldn't mind, but I have bags full of fabric and wool, gadgets and needles in my loft.
I only wanted to look (hmmm, Iv'e said that before ha ha).

Anyway, somehow Wendy (the craft shop owner) and I got chatting about crochet, before I knew it I had booked myself a lesson.
(I can actually crochet (lol) but needed to be able to finish off the ends of rows).

An hours lesson turned into 3, chatting and crocheting non stop and as I was leaving I decided to ask if she wanted someone in her shop. She said yes and that was it!!!

I actually did go away and think about it, 2 days is a long time for me to think about something so deeply, I showed my friend and my children, then decided to go for it. You only have one life, no point in getting old and wishing you had done it and not just talked about it.

This is how I saw the space whilst I was having my crochet lesson.

I fell in love with it. My signage is now up and Im raring to go.

All I have to do now is fill it with gorgeous New Born babies in baskets, Mums to be, families and surprisingly,doggies.

Yes, one of the first people to book a shoot is the owner of a fabulous little pooch. How exciting.

Well, I have to go and pack all my lovely gear ready for tomorrow...

More photos to follow with tales of my gorgeous little studio in all its loveliness.


Dove Photography Studio
92 Red Bank Road

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