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FAQ for Dove Photography (NewBorns)

Dove Photography specializes in Newborn Photography and is passionate about your baby photos.
At Dove Photography, we take special care with your precious bundle, safety is paramount and no image is taken without a 'spotter' (a person who concentrates on baby constantly, 'just in case')
Q. Do you have a printed brochure?
To keep our costs down, we do not have a printed brochure as all of the information is available via our website. 
We can E mail you a price list and some further information, you can phone 07932685241 
Q. How can I see some of your work?
You see us at the Dove Photography website
If you are elsewhere in the UK, you can view the slide show and the web site and get a feel for our style. On the website and facebook you will find testimonials from some of our clients.
Q. How do I book my Newborn Shoot with Dove Photography?
To book your newborn shoot just contact Sheila on 07932685241 or by E mail, both of which are on the website. Dates are allocated on a first come first served basis, though we will accommodate you and work to find a suitable time and date. We will chat with you about your session and what type of images you require. Once you have paid the £40 session fee the date is secured, it is best to book early to be sure to get a slot, however if you are over your due date and we have to postpone, we will always fit you in. Baby is best photographed between 5 and 10 days old to get the squishy sleepy posed look, however, I quite like the wide awake 'Here I am' babies who are a little bit older, but they generally cannot be as posed and curled up thats all.
Q. My baby is due in 8 weeks, can I book now?
 You can book us as far in advance as you like, we recommend that as soon as you have had your 20 week scan, you can start thinking about a baby bump session (it gets you used to the camera), and then the Newborn shoot.  Due to the high standard of the work we produce and our affordable prices, we do get booked up months in advance.
Q. What Areas Do You Cover?
Based in Blackpool, Lytham, Preston, Poulton, Cleveleys. Mostly on the Fylde Coast.
Q. Do you contract out your Newborn photography service?
We never contract out our photography, All sessions booked with Dove Photography are covered by Sheila, we often have a helper.
Q. Is your business insured?
We are covered by a Professional Indemnity and public liability Insurance policy with Adukia Insurance Ltd
Q. What backup equipment do you have?
We always have a full range of backup equipment to hand. For example, we have backup digital cameras, extra storage cards, a laptop, blank discs, spare batteries etc.
Q. How long is it before we can see our images?
Usually the images are edited and ready to view within about 2 weeks (sometimes less).
You make an appointment when you have finished your photo session, this is for a viewing and ordering appointment where you watch a lovely slideshow of the photos, then we go through them to decide which ones you want to buy. It is helpful if you have already thought about where you will hang an image, who  you need to buy for (grannies, great grannies etc) and most importantly, what size. If you have a large wall, there is no point choosing an 8 x 10 as it will get 'lost' on the wall. Payment is made when ordering, we take cash and cards.
Q. What albums do you supply?
We use some of the main manufacturers of albums. 
You can also buy a USB with the the images from your session on it. These USBs are supplied with permission to print yourself for personal for you, family and friends. 
Q. Are we allowed to take our own photographs?
 We don't allow mobile phone photos to be taken as when these are put on social media they don't portray the quality of the images you will receive, its always better to wait and see the 'real' thing.
Q. Why do you have a pre-newborn session meeting?
If you have had a baby bump shoot, this counts as  a pre shoot meeting, we tell you what to bring and let you know what will happen at the session, however, as new parents, baby brain is more than likely, and you can expect not to remember much of our conversation, we don't take offence. We let you know again, what to bring with you, and what to expect. If you have not had a baby bump shoot and cannot attend a pre session meeting, we email the info to you.
Q. Can I order a canvas print or an acrylic?
You can order a canvas, print, gorgeous acrylic or any of our additional products. We use a fabulous manufacturer of frames, acrylics and canvas’s. Our selection is extensive we can discuss this after the photos have been chosen.
Q. Do you sell slide-shows?
You can order an amazing slideshow with around 30 photos on it set to music. It can be viewed on a laptop, 50" TV screen, I pad, I pod or email. The slide-shows have been know to make mums cry with joy ...The cost is only £100
Q. Can older brothers and sisters come to the newborn session?
Yes of course, you can bring siblings, granny and even the dog, however, it is best if extra people come at the end of the newborn session when we are taking your first full family photos, then everyone can join in the fun.
Q. What do we need to have with us?
Well... basically, any special things you want to be incorporated into the photo session, limit it to 2/3.
It could be a special present, a favourite outfit, hat, shawl, or something that has been specially made for your baby. We cannot guarantee that they will be used, but will do our best. 

If you are breast feeding, please try not to eat anything spicy or strong that may unsettle baba, as we want a sleepy, milk drunk baby if possible.
Its best to keep baby awake if you can, and feed when you get to the studio, that way
we achieve maximum squidgy milky drunkenness.

Oh, just one little thing to remember... This is the ideal opportunity to have your first family photoshoot, so be ready to be in the photos yourselves, even if you don't like being on photos, you owe it to yourself and your baby to be on some of these special images. You have been warned ha ha ha.
Q. How long will the Newborn session take?
OOOOhhh, this is a hard one, allow between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how settled you baby is (cue Ipad or Newspaper). Just be prepared to chill and take things as they come, you cannot rush a new baby, it will be very warm, you are more than welcome to nod off and catch up on some much needed sleep.
Q. How long will the Viewing and Ordering session take?
OOOh, this is a difficult one too, usually between an hour to 2 hours. We go through them again and again until you have chosen your favourites, for a new mum, making up your mind can prove difficult, this is why it is better to have a think before you arrive about sizes and where you are going to put the precious images of your baby.
Remember, this is when you pay for your images, we take cash and cards.
Q. I have more questions.
Dont worry if you have more questions, just pick up the phone for a chat.

See you soon

Sheila xxx


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