Boudoir and Pin up Photography for REAL women.

Boudoir Photography is a sensual sexy way of photographing you in your beautiful Janet Reger lingerie, or sexy raunchy Ann Summers underwear.
Boudoir Photography isnt for everyone, but, it is empowering for women.

I started Boudoir photography about 10 years ago when it was new, I practiced on my very shy friend who wondered what on earth I was thinking.
She came into the session, shy, introverted and VERY worried that she was going to look overweight, out of place and not 'her'. She couldn't have been more wrong!!

We started the session slowly, in her normal clothes with a few accessories, a gorgeous pink feather boa and a quite simple black Trilby... her confidence grew and she changed into her Ann Summers very tasteful basque.. she  was gaining confidence by the minute. After an hour of 'playing' at being my model, she was transformed. She left the session with  confidence in herself and her size 14 beauty.. The transformation was  a revelation to me and I have seen it countless times since.

Nearly all women have body hang ups (me included) and lack confidence, but our partners love us just as we are ( Bridget Jones said something similar), those who don't have a partner should do it for themselves, as it is a huge confidence boost, and a reminder in pictures that we are ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!

Boudoir Parties are not about makeover photography, they are a celebration of womens beauty, and you can show as little or as much (within reason ha) as you dare. There is minimal re-touching, as it is YOU in the picture, not some airbrushed caricature of you.
Boudoir is for and about REAL women.

Boudoir parties are held in your own home...  

I am now taking bookings for Boudoir Parties in Blackpool and the Fylde and as far away as Lancaster and Preston. 

Phone now to book your Boudoir Party and have your photos ready for that extra special present for your partner and yourself.
Believe me, when they get their little book of photos you will also want one for yourself.

Phone 07932685241 to chat about availability and book your party or individual shoot.

See you soon


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