Wednesday 19 November 2014

Newborn Photo Shoots (and nostalgia)

When my children were little (many moons ago) there were no such things as digital cameras, newborn photo shoots, matching pram, bag and outfit etc. Everything was more casual, we had a film in the camera for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays and holidays, but really, everything just 'happened' around us without much thought to detail. Whilst this was a little more relaxed than today's pace of life, we did tend to miss out on things that are now deemed as important.

I so wish I had photos of my children looking sweet and gooey, gorgeous and fluffy, cute and cuddly. I wish I could see a photo to remind me of them with the yellow Giraffe, the scraggy teddy and the doll called Jamie that came everywhere with us. I have some treasured old photos that I took myself when I was rushed off my feet with 4 under 5's but would love to be able to look back on professional images that captured them as they were and not as I saw them after no sleep and the weekly trip to the supermarket. Ha ha, it must have been a sight to behold, mum +4 with a huge Silvercross pram and a carry bag underneath for the shopping," Don't do that! leave that"!! PUT HIM DOWN!!!! all the time maintaining a look of normality whist hissing under my breath. I wish I had photos of that too, in fact, in this day and age it would be a video on facebook he he.

I suppose the point of this little story is to try and explain how important our memories are. As you get older, time flies past so fast, its hard to remember whats happening now, let alone what happened 25 years ago, but, our memories are important, they make us who we are,  photos help preserve these memories forever.

Beautiful newborn Harley-Jay was a pleasure to photograph, his mummy and daddy signed up for the bump to baby package which means I will see him again when he is 9 months old and for a Cake Smash (I love cake smashes) for his first birthday. I love seeing these scrumptious babies grow, and feel privileged to be asked to record their 1st year.

(Cake smash with a difference, these twins were 2 so didn't like 'smashing', so they used spoons ha ha)

Much love to you all

Sheila xx

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