Nervous Brides

Over the years Dove has become somewhat of a specialist with nervous brides (though It is unusual for both the Bride and Groom to be nervous), and has a special strategy for helping them overcome their nervousness.

Its quite simple really... we meet them often... maybe 3..4..5.. times between booking the wedding and the actual Wedding Day. This means we form a close relationship, we meet the children, mum, mother in law... In fact anyone who is there when we meet up.

We talk about them, their families, their wedding... all sorts of stuff, It doesn't have to be wedding related. By the time the wedding arrives, you/they are so comfortable in our company, nervousness doesn't come into it.

Today's bride and groom will have a pre wedding shoot which will be fun and casual, with or without children and wherever they like to go. So, it could be the beach, park or just the back garden in summer. We want our wedding couples to be so comfortable that smiling (or not) isn't an issue in their wedding photographs.

If you are worried about having your wedding photos taken, don't despair...
Just give us a ring,  and we can chat about how to overcome your nervousness... By the way... Milk chocolate digestive biscuits go really well with a cup of tea and lots of wedding talk ha ha.

Here are a few of our most nervous brides... 

That was when we booked I must add... By the time the weddings came shyness etc. was forgotten and a good time was had by all.

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