Monday 20 June 2011

Wedding in Cyprus

                         Last Friday (10th June 2011) I was in Cyprus shooting a fabulous wedding.
Caroline and Tom have planned this to the last detail for the past 12 months and it showed, everything went to plan and it was perfect.
There is no doubt it helps that the bride is so laid back she is almost horizontal and the groom is mesmerised by her.
They were a joy to photograph as their personalities totally shone through (as you can see on the photos below).

When they booked the wedding, Caroline assured me that her and Tom were up for anything, and that (as a surprise) they were thinking of jumping into the pool as soon as they had finished the wedding breakfast, I couldnt believe my luck.. a trash the dress on the day... whoop woo.
The plans only changed slightly so that Caroline was going to be thrown into the pool by the best man and her new husband, as the groom was concerned about his suit.

I told the guests that Caroline was having some posed photos taken if they would care to watch as they were finishing desert, everyone  laughed and smiled and then ... OH NO...
3 ....... 2 ....... 1   

In she went... the guests couldnt believe it and were laughing and shaking their heads until they realised that Caroline loved it, then they were hysterical...
LETS ALL GO IN went the cry.. sure enough, most of the guests ran to the side of the pool, took off belts, shoes, bags, emptied pockets and ...

 3 ....... 2 ....... 1  

In they jumped (photos to follow).

The guests, bridesmaids, best man, groom... erm groom...what about your suit????? ha ha.. no worries Ill just change...
Caroline dried her dress off in the sun and put it back on later to go to the beach.. WOW!!

Off to the  50s style diner for a strawberry milkshake and some more photos.

What a fantastic wedding... Thank you Caroline, Tom and all your family and friends for making this one of the most exciting weddings I have ever been to, oh, and for inviting me and Jonathon to Cyprus to be your photographers.

Sheila & Jonathon

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