Thursday 13 October 2011

Prepare for your Winter Wedding

Its getting closer to my favourite time of year... Christmas.... OOOhhh... I get so excited... 
My Christmas cake is in the oven as I write, I am designing my Dove Photography Christmas cards and planning my Christmas shopping.
No bah-humbug for me!! 

This year we have 5 weddings booked around Christmas and New Year, and I for one cannot wait.

However.. Its important to be prepared for your winter wedding.

Here are a few tips (off the top of my head) to help you.

If you want photos outside, book your wedding earlier in the day, In the UK it goes dark in December around 3pm. This can be an advantage if you are having Fireworks, as you don't have to wait until midnight to thrill your guests with an amazing display.
 If you are getting married in the North West try - amazing customer service and brilliant firework displays.

I know it sounds daft to mention it, but, you need to keep warm, you dont want goose bumps on your wedding images.

Make sure you and your bridesmaids have warm shawls or stoles to put over your shoulders

Try and wear comfortable shoes that keep your feet dry & don't soak up the snow/rain . 
Maybe buy some of those fab wellies that are available nowadays and keep them handy 'just in case'. I have it on good authority that you can now buy White Ugg Boots, now that would be a talking point!!

What about some gorgeous long gloves to keep your fingers warm, and some (lovely) Bridget Jones style underwear to keep the rest of you comfy and snug.

Most photographers (me) take umbrellas as a matter of course, but, make sure you have plenty available for guests. Photos can be really good fun and colourful with some of those golfing umbrellas.

The photos would look cool if all the men wore matching scarves and maybe gloves.. rather posh I think!!!

Whatever happens, make sure you are comfortable with having your photos taken outside whatever the weather... Imagine, you could dance and sing in the rain... throw snowballs if its a white wedding, guests could make a snowman and put the tophat on it... etc...

There is nothing you can do about our wonderful British weather, just embrace it, choose your photographer wisely and most of all.. HAVE FUN!!!

Last year we were snowed under (so to speak) here are a few photos of 2 of last years winter brides.

Best Wishes

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